Welcome to Schizophrenic Inc.

Schizophrenic Inc. is a Danish record label, focused on putting the hate back in music. The label was founded in 2005 and started its mission with the release of ”Beloved” by How It Ends. This record marked the beginning of a record label keeping it very true to the hardcore ethics: D.I.Y. (do it yourself), misunderstood kids and political views that might surprise the mainstream youth. This is illustrated through the founders extreme behaviour and believes, sometimes weird and misanthropic worldview, yet still is a very angry freegan (a combination of veganism and vegetarianism) and generally pissed off! Sometimes the faith in humanity has to be found through defeat and selfdamaging behaviour, just to realize the fucked-up facts, and then strike back with furious anger and violence 'cause all is not lost yet!

The next chapter in the label, came a few months later with the release of ”Lights out” by Fall River. More brutal than the standard hardcore record, yet not as pessimistic as Philly's How It Ends. Both bands were from US, and both of them unfortunately are not around anymore, but they marked their existence in the American hardcore scene. They did not vanish in vein, because their trademark of hardcore is still unique and undone by any current band! Also they have shown a path of musical trademark SI is looking for and tries to bring back to a more metal-orientated hardcore culture. It's like we: bands, labels, kids etc. have forgotten were it all started! As a political movement fed-up with mainstream society, and a movement that believed in change from the underground in stead of idiot politicians, killing and ruining the poor man, yet never sacrifising a fucking thing for their own politics! ”Rich man's war, poor man's fight”...
topschizoblinkzy2 The year 2006 was hard-earned knowledge for the label, but it brought a fantastic vinyl record with the amazing thrashy metalcore band By Night from Sweden. The LP, ”A new shape of desperation” had lots of political statements, both from the band and label's side, as the title of the record states as well! At this point it became obvious for the label that the direction of things to come should be a more solid hardcore record label!

In practise this came to light with the release of a true bad boy hardcore release from Spinkick, hailing from Fredericia, the hardcore capital in Denmark! Their album: ”Givin' it back” was the voice for kids all over the country supporting hardcore, an old school mosh pit and putting the hate back in hardcore!!! This is by far the most bad boy styled hardcore band in Denmark currently, and the way their liveshows are, illustrate that this is a band to watch out for in the rest of Europe... Half a year later it was time for some nasty deathcore with pleasing satanic and atheistic lyrics, and just plain out mean metal as the soundtrack. The record was a split between two leading rock and death bands from Denmark, and everything about this record sums up the label's view on religion. It's not as political as standard hardcore, but it was ugly, brutal and straight forward, something lacking in the European hardcore scene...

Now it's time for the future of this record label, and not surprisingly it's about hardcore. The label recently signed an upcoming hardcore band, called Earn Your Scars, and with the members musical knowledge within the quartet it's gonna be a fist to your head experience! This band rose from the ashes of Lost Asylum, which was a great metalcore band until their end, but these kids really know what's kicking. The main goal for Schizophrenic Inc. is to spread hatred towards mainstream society, because as long they are in control nothing will ever change to the better! The future looks brighter for this label, and for its bands as well!!!

Good night white pride and a big fuck off to the fake beauties and mainstream society, what's up now biatches??? Visit Alis.dk